Significance of 15.08.17

Coincidentally but significantly this year, 15th August throws light on two of the most path breaking moments in the Indian history! Both the moments had one thing in common – People of this country were suffering, they needed a hero to save them! And India being such a blessed country, it got them. However, we always tend to forget the real hero and remember only the face in front of it! Yes, Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi played vital roles in both the epic struggles but if we penetrate a little bit into the Whys and Whats, we will realize that without the support of people of this country, the results would not have been achieved! The real hero in both the struggles was the COMMOM MAN! If the common man wouldn’t have shed blood, the win of good over evil would have never taken place! We need to always remember that together as a nation we are an indestructible force! Probably this is what both the great personalities taught us! We are our own heroes, common man is the real Hero! We are very lucky to have heroes who are shielding our country on the border in circumstances we can’t even think of but they need our support to be successful! So let’s take a moment to salute them and mark today’s day as a day to make a difference rather than just a vacation day! I for my part am going to explain all of what I have written to 5 random strangers I meet! Take your small initiative too!

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