My pride becomes someone’s life!

I am not strong enough to say this directly to you so I am trying to say all the things in my heart through this post! Of all the philosophies I have learnt in life, the one I under rated the most was you realise the value of something only when its lost.. as I always believed that everything can be replaced! But time has proven me wrong this time as something has gone away from me which can never be replaced. Yes my lovely Sister got married and is embarking a new step in her life and in doing so it leaves a non fillable hole in my life! It is very difficult still to imagine that she won’t be there everyday after I am back from work and I tease her my heart out or fight with her or remove all my frustration on her and still get only love in return and do all sought of stupidity! It is said that the most pure hearted people in the world are kids as they have nothing wrong in their heart. One memory which will always be etched in my mind is when we were in school and were distributed candies, I used to finish my portion in a split second but my sister used to save one for me every time…. the equation still remains the same as she always save up a piece of chocolate even today! Trust me she would do that for any person she is sitting with.. I have tried for past 25 years to change her and make her more Selfish… but have failed miserably.. She will always remain a child by heart!! ┬áJiju you are very very lucky as you have got the most clean hearted person in the world! Wishing you an amazing married life! I’ll always be there no matter what age, time, situations, place or even lives! Love u so much

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