How the ‘Digitalization Storm’ is conquering the Learning Process!

Learning industry has always been highly dynamic and fast changing one. The dictionary meaning of learning- ‘Acquisition of knowledge through experience’ itself justifies the statement. The hurricane of technology has consumed most of the components of the world and learning industry also has not been spared. The meteoric rise of internet in combination with cell phones, tablets, phablets and all the various forms of these tiny and extra ordinary products has seen a 5 year old operating a tablet with as much ease as eating his cereal. Just spare a thought for the notebooks, textbooks or for that matter any sought of books. When you can slide your fingers and control Superman to fight the evil and save the world, would you really want to read a book and become a priest?! You can ponder all day over it, but we all know what conclusion we will be heading towards. From somewhere in the heaven, a little single letter ‘e’ has been dropping in front of words and has been completely changing the dynamics of the words. Let’s take a few examples, mails have turned into e-mails, tickets have been shredded to e-ticket, payments have been converted into a convenient e-payment and the list will never end. In the same way, learning has transformed into e-learning. Now whether elearning is revolutionary or evolutionary is still up for debate (which might never settle), one thing can be said for sure is before eLearning, there was a feeling in the learner that he is being ‘made to take this course’ and eLearning is making sure that the learner is really interested in the course and says ‘I want to take this course’.

All said and done, any business minded person will definitely have a pop of doubt in their mind which is ‘What is the ROI on elearning?’ Even though there are many studies which will conclude that the savings in training costs is way more in eTraining than on physical training, one mistake than many companies often make is thinking that the R in ROI is always Revenue – actually the R in ROI is Returns. It also needs to be understood properly that when you say ROI, you mean Return on Investment or Risk of Inaction.

Let me conclude by saying, as we are sliding through our fingers to read this, there are 100s of courses being uploaded online and 1000s of people are subscribing for the same. Digitalization storm is hitting the learning industry every minute and unlike other storms, it is leaving behind an developed form of learning. Trust me, this is just a BEGINNING!

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